Patch Town (2015)


In a world…..

(Ohh yeah, I always wanted to open a review with these words.)

…where embryos are cut out of cabbages, get frozen and put into dolls.

Where these dolls are then delivered to children all around the “normal” rest of the world and come back to “Patch Town” to get extracted, get their memories erased and have to work in a fabric, cutting embryos from cabbages. Such is the world of this movie and if you still reading this review, you’re probably one of the few people this movie is made for.

Patch Town is the feature length debut of Canadian director Graig Goodwill and probably one of the strangest genre mixes ever made. Flawless it switches from horror to fantasy to scifi to fairy tale to serious drama to hilarious comedy and even adds some musical numbers to the mix. Visually the viewer gets a lot of Terry Gilliam, some hints of Tim Burton but also some typical rom-com sequences.

It’s really hard to put into words what’s happening in it without spoiling to many of the almost countless surprises. As mentioned a few lines above – you’re still here, so probably you won’t be disappointed.

Patch Town is really more an experience than a movie and so you have to watch it with a very open mind. Some parts of the story simply don’t fit and make sense and the end is probably to “Disney” for my taste. But it’s a really interesting journey up to this point and even if it leaves one with a bad taste (which seems to be exactly what Goodwill wanted) it also leaves you begging for more.

To tell you any more would really ruin it for the few people still reading this. So simply fire up Netflix (US) and prepare to get you mind blown for 85 minutes. You’re still here, so I know you need this. J

IMDB-rating            5.5/10
My rating                7.0/10


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