So the marines enter via teleport into the deep frozen station, find a lot of bodies in various conditions, some body parts and finally the lost guy named Whit (Daniel MacPherson). He tells them about a sort of virus which had spreaded, probably through the ventilation system, made all crew members go crazy and forced them to kill each other. Together our heroes restart the generator (V-belt driven of course) and such awaken one of the victims, which starts out his new life in rage-mode.

One gunshot (off course a double barrelled shotgun) and an exploding head later, they discover that the infection spreads via blood contact and hilarity ensues.


“Infini” is a strange little movie. In one way director Shane Abbess and his art direction team make the best of the little budget, by using the trick to create their world as a loving homage to their favourite b-movies from the eighties. The look and feel is for the most part consistent with what you would expect to rent on Fridays from the videostores sci-fi-shelves, f.E. the newest Chrales Band Production or something from Cormans New World. On the other side we have a mix of ideas from other (and better) movies which just didn’t work out. There’s a big part “Alien” (with a creature we don’t really understand), some nice visual homage to the dark world of “Blade Runner” in the beginning and a try to re-invent the paranoid atmosphere of John Carpenter’s “The thing”, with changing the viewpoint to one of the infected in the second half of the movie.

All this works out in parts but in the final mix it feels “bumpy”.

infini3Add to this some bad special-fx work,  some less than stellar acting from some of the marine-guys (which luckily bite the dust early on) and the aforementioned 20-minute long introduction, which adds nothing to the movie or the characters and you will find almost nothing worth watching here.

But…and look what a big BUT this is…everyone who went out into the rain on a Friday evening, during the eighties and nineties, to rent a bunch of movies for the weekend, simply will love “Infiny” just for the obvious nostalgic reasons. It feels exactly like a B-movie from this time, with all the up and downs one would expect (or fear) from them. The movie is like a love letter written from hand and with a fountain pen. Not the most modern way to go, but with more heart and warmth than most of its competitors.

Imdb-Rating            5.4/10
My Rating               5.0/10
80ies VHS Rating    10/10